YOUR Pelvic Floor….

YOUR Pelvic Floor….

So how many times during your pregnancy or following the birth of your baby did you hear those annoying words, ‘pelvic floor’? What even are your ‘pelvic floor’ and why is it such a big deal to do the exercises? The pelvic floor is the layer of muscle that stretches from your pubic bone in the front … Continue reading

A Change in Direction….

A Change in Direction….

Well, after a lot of thought I have decided it is impossible to manage an NHS job, 2 small people and 2 new businesses. Oh and 96 turkeys, 3 ponies, and some impending sheep…..   So a little tweak in the direction of travel, you know to make my brain and my business fit for … Continue reading

Lets Get Active!!

Why are we all getting so inactive? When did physical activity become such a chore? Visiting a patient recently we started to discuss exercise. She has heart failure, despite this it is important that she exercises, completes 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise each week. I told her this was the target. She looked at … Continue reading

Henry’s Christening Flowers

Early start this morning to arrange Henry’s Christening flowers. It was absolutely pouring with rain! It couldn’t have been wetter, but hey ho we do live in wet Wales! I hoped rain before 7, dry by 11 might work but it was well and truly set in. Oh well, garden needed a good watering! I … Continue reading

Jubilee Prep Part 2!

It’s all go! Busy cleaning the house, water and fly spray for ponies, a little weeding, sweeping the paths clear, mowing, washing, strimming, last minute bits from town- you know essentials like coffee and more wine! 😉 Now awaiting the arrival of Grandpa and Auntie Lotti so I can palm off the children and go … Continue reading

Jubilee Weekend Preparations!

So this weekend is going to be a busy one! It’s the Jubilee weekend, Henry’s Christening and Hay Festival. Sophie breaks up for half term today and both the children are at home next week and I have a week off my NHS job, where I work for Radnorshire Reablement Team. As a result this … Continue reading

Fresh Air Friday in the Flower Patch!

Spent some much needed time out in the garden today whilst the little man slept (thank goodness for 2 hour naps! I weeded, pricked out seedlings, planted out some hardened off Nigella and cornflowers, swore again at the mice who have eaten my runner beans and cucumber seeds and dug some more of my new … Continue reading

Hello world!

So welcome! A new blog, a new twitter name and hopefully a new business venture…. or two! Never one to do anything simply I have decided to start not 1 but 2 new businesses, together, alongside each other in my bid to spend more time at home with my children Sounds crazy, yes?! YES! Honestly … Continue reading